War3Source: Evolution elevates the War3Source experience with expanded content and exciting new features, taking the game to new heights.

War3Source: Evolution was mainly developed for the TF2 experience and once in a while I would update for other game versions like Fist full of frags, CSS, and CSGO. There was a version for L4D2, but I've never looked into further development of that version and I can not seem to find any videos on YouTube for the L4D2 versions.

If you desire a L4D2 version, you could update the code yourself, here is what I found: War3Source-Glider - GitHub - L4D2 (version from 2013)


War3Evo on alliedmods.net

War3Evo's GitHub

War3Evo's Discord Channel Invite

Teamfortress.com WIKI [War3Mod] (from the old Original War3Source)

The Original War3Source


How to bind keys using your developer console in TF2, may work for other games too:

[TF2] Death Knight Soul Swap & Slow Wards Example:

[TF2] Human Alliance Teleport Example:

The Disappearing Wang Wizard (TF2 War3Evo Expansion)

YouTube videos by others on War3Evo.info

It's in order of how I found it on YouTube.

Zirkus - TF2 - War3Evo - Samurai

Chuckoda - Team Fortress 2 [Warcraft!?] (Live Commentary)

Albert - [W3E] TF2 WAVE 666

Blightcaller - TF2 Warcraft 3 Evolution #2

YouTube videos by others on other servers

War3Source on other servers

Other servers may have different configurations than the original War3Source like races, items, abilities, ultimates, etc.

It's in order of how I found it on YouTube.

Hds406 - Counter Strike Source - War3Source

ocusOfficial - CSGO - WARCRAFT MOD!? - Aussie Server

plasmis34 - Counter-Strike Source War3mod part 1

Breaking Insanity - Counter Strike Source:Warcraft server gameplay

killier233 - Css [TMU] WCS sever ownage

krazyxazn - CSS: WCS Mod - #7 (Human Alliance)

WillyWankor - Crafting a War on Dust2 | CSGO War3Mod

Xploud100 - Fun in team fortress 2 warcraft 3 mod

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