War3Evo TF2 Donation

General Information

$5 for 35 days
$10 for 70 days
$15 for 105 days
$20+ for LIFETIME (ALL Servers)

Keys are accepted at a rate of 1 key for 9 days or 20 keys for LIFETIME. Please add Dagothur to donate keys.

You may also donate for store credits. $1 = 3000 and 1 key = 5000. Contact Dagothur.

On JailBreak, most features are access with the /fun command.

Although every best effort will be made, perks and VIP access can be removed at any time for any reason. VIPs should never at any point use their powers to generate an unfair advantage over other players. Players who break rules can expect to have their VIP restricted based on context up to and including complete removal.

Perks Information (Jail Break)


-Reserve slot (Use this guide here. JB's IP is:
-Ability to modify taunt speed
-Ability to draw lasers
-Ability to apply unusual effects on hats and weapons
-Ability to resize your character
-A VIP tag in chat
-Ability to change your chat text colour
-Ability to reskin as a robot
-Ability to trigger "class down" voice effects from MvM (e.g. "Soldier Down!")
-Ability to spray without cooldown and at any distance
-Ability to apply halloween footprint effects
-Ability to play a "domination" voice line (These are normally triggered when dominating someone)
-Ability to play a "revenge" voice line (These are normally triggered when getting a revenge kill)
-Ability to play say sounds (e.g. when you type "haha" into chat it will play a sound clip)
-Ability to set your killstreak to 99 to show off your killstreak effect
-Ability to enter a go kart
-Ability to toggle rainbow glow/outline on self (viewable through walls)

LIFETIME DONOR PERKS (in addition to all above):

-Ability to set custom LR music (must be submitted through the forums for approval; a single song per donation)
-Players who you kill turn into golden statues
-Your Half-Zatochi will be replaced with one engulfed in fire and with special stats
-Ability to apply unusual effects to taunts
-Ability to apply custom particles to projectiles

Perks Information (Other Servers)

The other servers do have some perks available but an accurate listing has not been put together.

Your Information

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You must add Dagothur or e-mail w3e.dagothur AT gmail DOT com to have your time added manually after donating.
If you prefer your donation to be instantly applied, please login to any of our servers and refresh this webpage.