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Author Topic: XP Bonuses  (Read 430 times)


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XP Bonuses
« on: August 22, 2017, 06:44:36 pm »
First the additon of XP bonuses for playing the objective is great. Players are able to obtain a great of XP for each objective.

150 XP for payload & control points (self-bonus)
50 XP for every flag capture (self-bonus)
31 XP for winning the round
8 XP for being on the team getting the cap
(Player not in the steam group/name tag/mod/admin receive 20% less XP)

That a lot of incentive to playing the objective but what I find unfair about this is that these bonuses(most of them)  are totally focused on offensive play.

If players are playing on offense payload map, a standard 4 point push by the offense is 600 XP for most payload maps.

CP maps like Dustbowl grant the Offense with a potential 900 XP.

What does the Defend get...... uhh 31 XP for winning the round. Players don't even get XP for defending the point.

I'm just saying players should also get an incentive for defending the objective also. I know you can switch to offense or you can win on Defend and switch but remember there is time when we team aren't switching or scrambled for that matter. 

Maybe for Players stopping the cap should get 5 XP or 10 XP for stopping the cap and a winning defend should get 200 XP or 250 per a winning defend. Reason being that it less than offense is sole for the fact that: If you are frag on defense you are also (mostly) defending the point, but if you are fragging on offense doesn't really equal playing the objective.

The bonuses for medic are a nice change also. The bonuses before were conditional under the fact that your pocket was fragging. This led to medics (a few) solely pocketing one player. This also made playing the Medic only race Medivac kind of hard if you didn't have a decent pocket. However, with the current changes, you get XP with every deployed ubercharge. This is good, but it worries me but this just if you are playing medic it screeches play Medivac. This would be a problem if they didn't get 50% uber on spawn. This means 50% upon entering the server as a Medivac and also respawning a Medivac.  Some players even came up with the idea: Used uber and respawn.

This scenario would put this into the light. Two medic are opposing each other die at the same time without using there uber (or they just both used there ubers ). One of the medics is playing Medivac with Incentive Care max out, so they get 50% uber on spawn....... ( Just learned Medivac skilled changed which just snowballs the fuck out this scenario. Well my main case was about the bonus  XP for Offense and how Defense need encourgement too.