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Author Topic: Uh, well.  (Read 1685 times)


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Uh, well.
« on: July 07, 2014, 07:47:08 pm »
Hello. This is Sergeant Shenanigans.

Assuming there are those who have not known, this is my second forum account, and there's an explicable reason for me making another account, one which I will explain if asked to explain further.  Speculations aside, my original account, Sergeant Shenanigans, was considered not active, claiming that my "email account needs to be activated," despite my forum account having 24 posts.  After asking to resend my password  to my original email associated with said forum account ,that isn't activated, I learn that there's no username affiliated with the email. I've little idea what the exact quotation from the site is. Welp.
This issue occured after I registered on the War3Source Forum as requested by Diablo in his late post.  I'm omitting links; one's deleted, another's found. NoFurtherDetail.

So I am here, again, with a new forum account.  If this violates any rule, without exception, then you won't see more of me in the forum.
I'm in your care. Again. Thanks for having me thus far.
Sergeant Shenanigan's secondary account due to primary account deactivation.  For reasons only unknown, assumed, and unproven.

This is a legitimate forum signature.

I should stop writing essays and indescribably pointless walls of text.