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Author Topic: [MEDIUM][JB] The three rune blade has the same effects as the Boston Basher.  (Read 1555 times)


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I have noticed people using the Three Rune Blade more often and wondered why... Then I saw that it has the same effects as the Boston Basher (AKA it's a reskin of it.) As the Boston Basher is banned many "rebeller mains" have switched to it to build up uber really fast... Just tried it now and this is how it works:
-Equip the Three Rune Blade and then go on red / blue
-Have a medic healing you at all times when you are in cells
-Swing your melee to build up uber quickly

I suggest to ban it as it's really just the Boston Basher with a different skin...
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I mean the three rune blade can be used to triple jump, so players could use it for that intent, yeah it might be uncommon because of the atomizer but some people still might use it for that purpose


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Sounds like the shooting star where the machine is banned but it isnt

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purple updated the banned weapon's list, 3 rune is on there now but i've not confirmed the fix

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