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Author Topic: War3Evo Friendly JailBreak Staff Application  (Read 571 times)

Mina ashido

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War3Evo Friendly JailBreak Staff Application
« on: September 11, 2019, 02:42:26 pm »

 War3Evo Friendly JailBreak  Staff Application 
1. What is your STEAM_ ID? STEAM_0:0:419533646
2. What is your in game name? UWU GAMER GIRL

3. What country do you live in? OHIO columbus

4. What is your first language? English

5. What other languages do you speak? little bit of spanish

6. What time zone are you in? Pacific Time Zone

7. At what times are you most likely to be playing? weekends anytime from wake up wich is around 1pm to like 10pm or later but on school days when school starts back up proabaly like 6pm to 8pm or later

8. How old are you? i am currently 16 turning 17 on september 3rd

9. How many hours do you have on TF2? 779

10. How many hours do you play on our servers in a week? just starting up this server again so i will be putting anywhere from 25 hours to higher per week

11. How would you approach a situation that needed moderating in which you either didn't know how to handle or didn't have enough command access to handle? ask a higher up and if there were not any on i would do the best to my ability to help and contact a higher up letting them know the situation

12. Please provide any additional information you feel would help in your bid to become a moderator i have never been a moderator for a tf2 server but i have been a Staff on Gmod servers, Minecraft Servers, Ect. and i am a quick learner and quick to respond to situations

13. (OPTIONAL) How could you get someone's Steam ID who's currently on the server? im pretty sure you can copy there steam id from the tab menu

14. Have you applied previously? No i have not previously applied

15. What server are you applying for? War3Evo Friendly JailBreak
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Re: War3Evo Friendly JailBreak Staff Application
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2019, 03:08:15 pm »
mod apps go here
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