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General / jb players pls read
« on: February 22, 2020, 08:57:58 pm »
From now on I think we should make it so that saturday at 6 pm est is the established time when you are supposed to join jailbreak throughout the week to  create a level of consistancy for people who want to play.


General / An Apology and an Explanation
« on: February 06, 2020, 11:45:07 pm »
This might be a long post, so I only request that you read the entire thing before criticizing me, because I do understand that the start of this may come off as somewhat defensive.

I've been making too many posts with this kind of tone recently, and I vowed to myself that I wouldn't do this again, but I feel as if I owe it to the W3E as a whole in light of recent events. If you haven't heard, I got myself banned from the discord server yesterday (Yeah) for a reason that at the time I didn't think much of, but I've come to realize that my actions could have done a lot to hurt people that I have a lot of respect for.

        I've played on a lot of jailbreak servers in my life, in fact, I've been playing jailbreak since before I even knew TF2 existed, back in like 2012 I was on my mom's computer playing on minecraft jailbreak servers without any access to microphones, and, I think in the span of that time, I haven't found one that was better than W3E. And by far, as well. I just feel as if I've never really been on a server before where the people are as socially competent as they are here. When you go to any other popular TF2 server, not just jailbreak, it's children screaming in their microphones, micspam, people saying edgy shit just to get a rise out of other people, and biased mods that will ban anyone for talking shit about them, but W3E is a place where I feel as if the community as a whole is just plain nice, interesting to talk to, and even the kids on the server are better than they are other servers, heck, they're even given mod status sometimes. I've always tryed my best to contribute to the server in anyway possible, as jailbreak is one of my favorite hobbies, don't get it mixed up, I've always cared about W3E as a server, genuinely, but that all changed somewhat recently.

But, why?

        I'm sure you all remember December 26th, the original server revival day, and you may be aware that I was one of the main people who was pushing for it to happen. In fact, in spite of my crippling social anxiety, I direct messaged (roughly) 46 different people on steam to let them know this was something that was going to take place, and it was a success. We almost even had the server full, at one point reaching about 30 people. This may be surprising, but I think that day was the day where my general disregaurd towards the server's well being began.
        You might be wondering how that even makes any sense, but I'll let these DM's between me and Dagothur do the talking themselves.
Dec 26, 2019 at 20:30
Me: Hey dag you think you can help me with something
Dag: ?
Me: I forgot to ask you about this,
Me: but I actually have lr music I wanted to get uploaded
Me: dont kill me pls
Dag: well did you donate or whatever
Dag: you can just post it
Dag: in the appropriat section
Dag: following the instructions
Me: Yeah okay
Me: It's up on the forums
Me: And yeah i donated
        To this day my lr music has not been added. Now, I dont really want to get into the philosphical aspect of whats taking place here, because I've done nothing but prove to myself and everyone else over the past few weeks that I have a tendency to be quite delusional when it comes to these kinds of things, but, I think that these messages highlight the underlying issue that W3E has been suffering from in recent times, and thats the lack of attention the server recieves from it's top moderators.  After this, I had basically no hope that W3E would see a week of consistant activity again. And thats where my discord server came in. (or at least my idea of it did, there's about a three to four week gap that takes place inbetween this)
        The basic goal of this discord server was that I wanted to create an environment where I could set up gaming events not just limited to W3E jailbreak and have it be consistantly interesting so that it had a purpose for existing rather than just being there. You might have saw in one of my earlier posts that I started it off by doing an unusual giveaway to get it going, and in order to keep interest in the server, I would do game events like jack box party packs, (you get the idea) You might be wondering what all of this build-up is even leading to,

This is where my build up ends btw incase it's old news or you just don't care

         Well, for the third event that we were doing, I wanted to do one last W3E meetup. Now, there was actually a goal I had in mind behind this meetup, and that was to get people from W3E to join my discord. And thats not all, I wanted to do it in a way that would cause a spectacle. Now, I actually want to explain this before I talk about what took place, and that's that Catfish asked me very very clearly not to do anything that would harm the server, also, Catfish is one of the people I have more respect for than anyone on the server, mainly because almost everytime I've had problems with other people, or was feeling upset, he would be there to try to calm me down and explain to me why its not entirely my fault. Now, normally if put into a position like this, I think it's safe to say that you should try to respect that persons simple request, right? Luckily for your deductive reasoning, you can see that there is text below what I just said. I played around with a few different plans in my head, the original being that I would show up at the wednesday meetup and give a short speech as warden as to why W3E is dead, and why you should join my discord server. Not only would this have been impractical, because I had no way of ensuring that the moderators wouldn't have muted me before I was done, but also Catfish made it very clear to me that this specific course of action would have annoyed him, and that he thought I was being petty. So instead, what I decided on was I was going to draw a circle next to sweeper, tell all the reds to walk into the circle, and then airblast them into the sweeper pit. When I was done with this, I would link my discord server in the chat, and then say on mic to join my discord. I was treating this whole thing as a joke, basically, I had very little intention on creating any kind of server revival and I was just trying to see how much damage I could do within a span of 5 seconds. None of it ever got to happen though, because barely anyone showed up to the event. Instead, I joined the war3evo discord server, and (I would copy what I said here but I got banned so it's deleted, plus, im banned.) I said something along the lines of "Hey, I was planning on massfreekilling and then advertising my discord on the jailbreak server, but nobody showed up so I'm just gonna do it here" I then linked my discord, and @ed server staff and vip. About 5 seconds after I did this, and after only 2 people joined, catfish banned me from the discord. I expected this to happen, but what I didn't entirely expect was that Catfish would take it personally. I don't have access to the messages he sent me, nor do I really want to quote him because a third party told me that he regrets some of aspects of what he said, but basically, he told me that I was intentionally trying to harm the well-being of W3E as a server, and in consequence of this, harming the people that still wanted to play on it. He also said that I was doing this for self gain and trying to make myself feel better for ruining this thing that so many other people still seem to care about.
        I'm sure you all know that it stings when somebody you respect denounces you, but the thing thats absolutely soul crushing is when they're absolutely right. I was a dickhead throughout this entire discord circus, and I'm beginning to realize that it's not even just this. I've been quite an asshole as a whole throughout my entire playtime on this server. The best example of this, and the person I owe the biggest apology to is Ben.
        And the reason why this is is because even though I've made so many jokes at the expense of Ben's gender identity, like a complete dickhead, I still took the time to try to demonize her and make her look like the bad guy. Ben has never done anything to me to warrant the the things that I've said to her, and it's honestly a shame I ever tried to make it look as if she did something to spite me. The truth is, Ben is one of the coolest people on W3E, and I shouldn't be surprised that she's been so evasive to explain how she feels to me. I think thats the thing that made me mad, although I was making these jokes at her expense, I would rationalize it in my head by thinking "she's never outright told me that this makes her uncomfortable, why should I restrict myself?" The truth is, I don't think that Catfish is the first person that I've wronged. I just think that he's the first guy to get mad at me about it, and thats why I'm giving this apology to you all as a whole. If it weren't Catfish, it would have been somebody else.

I've deleted my discord server, and when this post goes up, I'm deleting the following forum posts I made in the past:
goat.exe has stopped working
Did I mess up (Question about firing gaurds as warden)
(The next one is the binary post but Im not even going to bother typing out it's name)

The reason why is because I made these posts with the intention of garnering sympathy from people, a lot of the time at the expense of others, because I complained about a lot of people in these posts and I'm starting to think that this wasn't fair of me.

I accused you all of taking things to seriously, when at the end of the day, I was the one that was taking things too seriously this whole time.

Sorry for the cringe.

Say Sounds / accounts
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:26:19 pm »

I just posted like 7 different saysounds btw ecks dee

Say Sounds / behave
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:25:44 pm »

Say Sounds / fact1
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:25:24 pm »

Say Sounds / hurt1
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:24:52 pm »

Say Sounds / insane
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:24:32 pm »

Say Sounds / shot1
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:24:08 pm »

Say Sounds / threat
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:23:40 pm »

General / Quick update:
« on: December 24, 2019, 01:04:12 pm »
In regaurds to the 26th, this is the roster that I've gathered so far

People who have expressed to me they intend to come:
Leader Squash
People who have expressed interest but not necessarily told me they intend to show up:

*This event is brought to you by Tostinos Pizza Rolls*

Edit: for the record, the invite I sent was made with the intention of people not having to respond so there are probably more people who intend to show up that haven't directly made it clear to me (You probably already saw it though so I have no reason to tell you this)

Say Sounds / move
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:52:00 pm »

Say Sounds / machine
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:49:26 pm »
Fuck the system

There's a possibility I'm going to be taking a break from the server. Even if I don't end up taking a break, I can say for certain I'm going to be playing a lot less from now on tho.

I don't want to get into anything specific really.

Get used to playing as warden.

Edit: The issue I had was resolved surprisingly quickly, but my second point of not being able to play very often still stands. Im probably only going to be able to come on the server at like midnight on weekdays from now on. And on weekends probably late in the afternoon.

Nobody plays jailbreak on weekdays lol

The main reason for this, and I think we all can agree on this, jailbreaks main demographic (Of players who regular the server at least) are high school teens, who usually have plans after they come home from school. This means, that on most weekdays, people are naturally going to have better things to do than play jailbreak, also meaning that there isn't going to be a reliable warden on weekdays 90% of the time. And while this isn't in itself a bad thing, I think that the unreliability of jailbreak server activity in recent times has been causing a lot of people to stop playing, and if not completely, play a lot less than they used to. (Think Chuck, Shadow, Squash, even Dagothur to some extent) and I'm kind of thinking that because of TF2s declining popularity as a whole, this is going to inevitably lead to the death of the server. That is unless you all listen to me, because I know what's hip with the kids.

Idea Number One: Giving More Kids Moderator Status
This might seem like a dogshit idea on the surface, but I'm thinking that if we gave more of an incentive for kids to play on the server, then there would actually be recognizable people on the server on weekdays, so if we get more fetuses playing as a mod, (Such as bamboo) we might be able to have more people who have the freetime to play as warden.
Idea Number Two: Randomization and Deputization
I think that we should create an automated warden system. What I mean by this, is we should create a system that if there is no warden, and only players with no mic on the server, the server automatically orders the reds to go to a minigame. HOWEVER, for this to work, a player (at least ranked vet) must type !d in chat to become the deputy. This allows them to press buttons that non-warden players would otherwise not be capable of pressing. In essence, this would be a system where a no mic player is essentially the warden, but the orders are automated and placed on the screen rather than them giving the orders themselves. (Note: the deputy menu would be optimized very simplistically, this is what I have in mind:)
1: Open Cells
2: Close Cells
3: Give Random Minigame Order (Places guiding lights automatically)
4: Give Random Minigame Order -4 reds or less- (Places teleporter automatically, and would not include minigames that require an even amount of reds)
5: Give Random Minigame Order -2 reds- (Places teleporter automatically, includes minigames that require an even amount of reds)
6: Rock paper scissors Order
(Voting minigames aren't included)
Idea Number Three: Run Random LRs Instead of Free Day When There's No Warden
Free day sucks ass
This is self-explanatory pretty much
TL;DR I'm stupid and bored at 12 o'clock and in the middle of an exhaustion fueled rambling session.

Suggestions & Bugs / [JB] Suggetion : TED talk day
« on: October 05, 2019, 08:47:24 pm »
-All players are frozen on theater/glod chairs.
-LR winner is given 2 minutes to give a speech uninterrupted until the timer either ends or they press their kill bind.
-All reds except the LR winner are muted for the duration of the round.
-lr winner is frozen in front of the microphone or in the middle of the stage
(Edit: -Autoslays players who have mutes applied to them, or players who have had a mute expire within 3 hours of gametime)
(Edit: -Reds have a menu open throughout the round that allows them to vote on whether the speaker should be killed, if the vote recieves 60% approval, the person on stage is slayed)
Lr music below

Say Sounds / Haha funny sound
« on: September 30, 2019, 11:19:01 pm »
Haha hee hee very funny noise xDDDDD
This was 100% submitted seriously without the intent of being a shitpost

Chat Tag Suggestions / My custom tag
« on: September 11, 2019, 07:26:37 pm »
/tagtest {fuchsia} [ASMR Warden]

Suggestions & Bugs / LR suggestion: Noclip sniper day
« on: August 31, 2019, 05:56:51 pm »
-both teams are balanced to have equal players
-Each player has their class changed to sniper
-Each player has both noclip, and crits applied to their weapons

the object of the game is for the snipers to try to kill each other while flying around the map in a team deathmatch kind of game, similar to burger king massacre. The team with the most kills after 60 seconds wins.

-exiting the map kills you instantly

For the record, this is a shitty idea, and probably has millions of issues. However, I think it would be fun if we all had the ability to fly around the map while trying to no-scope each other.

Say Sounds / career
« on: August 28, 2019, 11:39:39 am »

Say Sounds / Relatable
« on: August 23, 2019, 03:47:18 pm »

Say Sounds / Edgy
« on: August 18, 2019, 01:18:34 am »
Karen left and took the kids

Hello's and Goodbye's / Brb
« on: August 08, 2019, 03:41:00 pm »
I'm going to LA until Tuesday btw so I'm not gonna be online rip

Say Sounds / dayruined
« on: August 06, 2019, 07:04:43 pm »
My day is ruined

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