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Suggestions & Bugs / [JB] Bug
« on: October 28, 2019, 01:27:01 pm »
I was playing in the server until I pick the Valve Rocket Launcher Day and Random Puncher won but the guy in spectate on the lr and he was not in it when he was in spectate but when I look in the tab it said he was still in spectate

Suggestions & Bugs / [JB] Suggetion : New lr
« on: September 01, 2019, 04:22:33 pm »
I am suggestion a new lr called class wars vs boss where you fight the headless horsemen and the green wizard and the eyeball so like solider vs eyeball and scout vs headless horsemen and heavy vs the green wizard so where everyone heavy then scout then solider for each boss.

So this is the post that your reading how I met these awesome friends/guys they are the best.

So I joined the sever then it was my first time playing it so I went offline the day when I joined the server I  met jerry so I friended him no he is the super awesome/epic/ super coolest best friend/guy I had met. So next was Krabby on the 3rd day or 4th I met him so I saw him he was awesome when I saw Krabby so friended him when I saw him on the server so now hes the super awesome/epic/super coolest friend ever met. I met coin the after I met Krabby I saw him as a cool warden/cool guy on the server so I decided to friend him so he friended me so now hes the super awesome/epic/coolest super bestfriend ever. I met dag when I saw a VIP in the chat in notification so I got VIP so I friend him so I can get it VIP so Now he the same thing I said about krabby jerry and coin.Hi if you don't know me as well when I met you this is the right forum for you.

I started tf2 when I joined steam so I played it for my life when my age was 10 then when I was 12 I joined jailbreak when I saw servers of it
My favorite Games I like to play are Tf2 and Fortnite
My favorite sport is basketball, soccer, and football.
I Love Tf2 as much I as I love jerry and coin and krabby and dag as friends.Hi everyone, this is wat happened when I stop playing tf2 jailbreak and tf2.

It all started when I started playing a different game so I stop playing tf2/jailbreak in 2018 September so when June/July/august when it came to me to play tf2/jailbreak again.

This next paragraph is how much I love The server the Dag made.

Dag Thanks so much for the server of jailbreak that you made And also you did so much hard work so I love wat you did to the sever the new lrs the new map. Dag your the best keep working hard and gl making this server great more and more and more. Thanks so much Dag Your the coolest. 

Appeals / name change
« on: March 10, 2019, 03:55:54 pm »
Ok so I joined the server someone change my name the name is the  image I that I attach so I was so  mad so I want it change pls.Thx

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