War3Source WarCraft

An R.P.G. type of TF2 expansion where you kill players to gain xp, gold, and platinum. XP is used to level up races, while Gold and platinum is used to buy items from its shopmenu. You also gain diamonds by just walking around in our server, and can spend those also in a shopmenu.

Each race you play on our servers have a unique set of skills. Some skills are passive, and some are activated. In order to activate a skill that you have leveled and learned, you can choose to bind a key or type it in chat. The binds are: +ability, +ability2, +ultimate, and sometimes +ability3 and/or +ability4. To type these in chat, you can type: "/+ability" without the quotes.


Blues are Guards, Reds are Prisoners, and one person on blue is elected to be a Warden.

Reds must conform with all orders given by the Warden, and if they do not obey it is called rebelling. Reds can win by either two ways. 1) Following the Warden's orders, being the last red alive, and receiving the last request. 2) By rebelling and killing all of blue team.

Blues must enforce the Warden's orders or else the Warden can fire them and hire someone else.

Last Requests are special requests that changes the conditions of the next round on either the players or the environment. Some Last requests are... freeday, everyone does extreme knock back, everyone moves super fast, blues glow next round, valve rocket launcher day, everyone has no gravity, become miku next round, is just a short list of what we offer for last requests.