Sourcemod Plugin Dev for Hire

Hi, I'm El Diablo, the Main Developer of War3Evo's Private version of War3Source and Private version of JailBreak. I have been working with our Development Team using Sourcemod for plug-in creation for over five years. Here is some of our work: Sourcemod Open Source Plugins. With the help of our War3Evo Community of Members, We are able to test and debug any project code.

We have a huge community of members whom will help us in our development. All our testing is done on remote servers, so that we gain the full understanding how a plugin will react in a production server. We also sometimes will run it on a production server for public testing (depending if you allow us to use this testing method). Our War3Evo community of members love to test out new projects and code. We also have a huge number of Associates and Consultants that can help us when we are working on code for you. Can your Sourcemod Developer of plugins say this much about whom backs him or her up when they develop your private code?

We will consider developing a plug-in for you and your payment would only be accepted by having you donate to our community or you can request the use of (Sellfy). You can contact me through steam, email me, or contact me thru the forums. The fastest way to contact me is through the forums, as I review the forums pretty much all day long.

We will first develop and test / debug the code for you. We will also have you test it on one of our private test servers. After you have tested it and you are pleased with the project, we expect that you will buy the project via donation or (Sellfy).

We have a $25 USD minimum.

Price varies per project, but for a basic understanding on cost, here is a price estimate:

Difficulty Level
Time Approximate
Easy 1-6 weeks $25-$50
Medium 1-12 weeks $51-$100
Hard 1-24 weeks $101-$200
Extremely Hard 1 week to undetermined $201+
Team Knowledge Level
Team Fortress 2 Master
Counter-Strike: Source Professional
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Intermediate
Left 4 Dead 2 Beginner
Fist Full of Frags Intermediate
Any other Sourcemod Supported Games Mixed
Extras (Optional Expenses)
Expedite your project

($200 - undetermined) Must be donated up front for this to count. If someone already has paid for this before you, then you must beat their paid price in order to be put ahead of them. The expedited price will be shown on the donation page listing the project and expedited donation.

Expedited means we will work all our hours on your project to getting it done as fast as possible. We will take 15 minute breaks for each hour, and the usualy 30 min lunch / dinner breaks. We will guarantee that we put in at least 8 hours work per day on your project until its done.

We will listen to all of what you want in your plug-in and decide on the difficulty level of working on / creating your plug-in.

Extremely Hard - If I tell you, we have never done this before... most likely it has a high chance to fit into the extremely hard difficulty level. Why? Because, we will end up having to do tons of research in order to try and figure out how to do something we have not yet done before. Research time varies depending on how much resource information is on the Internet. If there is no research information on the Internet, then we are forced to use trail and error methods to determine how to do it. We hardly ever do extremely hard plug-ins unless we believe we can do it.

You will get:

  • All Source Code (Tested using our Standard Testing practices)
  • Complete Compiled Code from the Source Code
  • A Text file which contains instructions on how to use
  • (If you request) Installation of your plugin on your server
  • Lifetime bug fixes
  • Your project is guaranteed private, and we will never sale it to anyone else